Camping vacation

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Camping vacation

Camping is already such an adventure; stepping out of your daily life and into a completely new one. Exchanging the comfortable home for a small space and living differently for a little while.  A small two-person tent with what feels like 97 poles that must first be built before it can be enjoyed.Or perhaps a camper that must be parked with such precision in the parking lot, so that all campers are in one straight line.

A longing for new discoveries

This adventure offers a time for relaxation and a break from everyday routines and is therefore appreciated by so many vacationers. Some are regular guests who come back again and again, some are defined as “camping strollers” who are always swaying from one camping spot to the next, in search of new exciting locations and adventures. No matter what type of camper: everyone is happy to make new discoveries. To either be thought of  as a new experience to try out or just as a souvenir for the mind, a memory that will develop into interesting stories.

Overnight experiences as a vacation highlight

This desire for new features is being used skilfully by more and more campsite operators, especially in the overnight accommodation sector. 

With campers always longing for new features and appealing attractions is recognized by camping site owners and operators and used to their financial advantage. Nowadays you can stay overnight in treetops, on a platform by a lake, in a hayloft or even in a “strandkorb” on the beach in the middle of the dunes. 

These experiences such as overnight stays in interesting new places, can take a vacation to a completely new level and allows you to collect new memories to be held on to and cherished. 

The people that collect these moments and are filled with positive feelings about their trip, are often eager to come again and again or even recommend these accommodations to others.

Or in most cases, they are animated to take a selfie or photo of their adventures and share it through social media, which allows them to reach more people than otherwise possible and with all this, the idea has already fulfilled its goal. 

Simple handling as basis for success

An overnight experience should fit in well with the overall concept of the business, so that expenditures and the financial aspects are in balance. In addition to a suitable parking space, the rental object should fit well into the businesses daily operation. In the, a mattress with a standard measurement that fits most commercial bedsheets, or its ability to be taken apart for a change of location and storage are only two points, which enable users of the to use it with ease and comfortability. While is completely on trend in terms of adding somewhat odd overnight accommodation to standard vacations, it sets itself apart by just being mobile and versatile and just different. What makes the especially distinctive, is the package deal that accompanies it. A breakfast around the corner, a picnic basket, games or a bundle of wood for the campfire makes even more attractive.

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