Why not spend your next getaway at home?

Vagation at home

Why not spend your next getaway at home?

Live where you spend your vacation

When the whole world is suddenly no longer open to you, often a new and exciting idea is the perfect remedy to plan the nicest time of year. Let your gaze wander and your might discover that a worthwhile destination is nearby: the place you call home. It might not sound exciting at first – but it definitely can be.Taking on the role of a tourist in your own neighborhood can open up new horizons and unveil previously undiscovered activities, tastes, and events, you may not have otherwise seen.

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Home: a place full of opportunity

Searching for new activities in faraway places is not necessary, when the opportunities right in front of you are so exciting and diverse. For example; take a look at traditional tourist attractions in your area; get a travel guide and simply experience all the things that tourists usually do. Or try a culinary journey and hop on your bike and discover new cultures everyday. And the best part; at the end of the day, fall right back into your favorite bed; your own.

The highlight: spending the night somewhere else

Or maybe you are open to something a little bit more exciting; an overnight stay in a special place. There are always new things to be discovered all around us. There are countless hosts that offer extraordinary overnight stays, aside lakes, rivers, beaches or in forests.The possibilities are endless. From an old circus or  a shepherd cart, barrels and tipis to sleeping beach chairs. Our recommendation: a night in liv.be, the sleeping beach chair 2.0.During the day, enjoy the lounge and once the sun has set, cuddle up on the comfortable folding mattress. At night, count the shooting stars and be the first on the beach again the next day, after a quiet night. 

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