How did the idea for come about?

How did the idea for come about?

Being outside makes us happy

To spend the whole day outside would be a dream. To be able to constantly breathe in the fresh air and recharge in a “green” way, surrounded by nature. Especially when the weather is nice, we are automatically drawn outside. Everything we are able to do outside, like sitting outside at a cafe or late at night at a bar, using our backyards as outdoor living rooms or making delicious food on the barbeque is what we enjoy the most.

A place that allows us to feel comfortable

So we want to be outside, and if possible, comfortably. This basic thought inspired the idea of To develop a room that is inviting, mobile and versatile. A companion that allows us to count on it to protect us while we turn off our minds and enjoy the moment. The is there to provide an oasis of relaxation; which protects us and thus increases our well-being outside. from up above

Solid foundation with tradition

Something traditional, solid and North German should be the starting point: a “Strandkorb” was the idea. In the birthplace of, Hamburg, people associate it with great memories from childhood, with their first love or the whole family on a day trip to the Baltic Sea. But a day with a Strandkorb usually ends at sunset at the latest, when the beach is empty. was made to allow our visits to the beach to be longer. 

A lounge and bed in one

So the “Strandkorb” became a sleeping beach chair; accompanying us the whole day and night. But sitting or laying on the bed all day? We thought that this could be fixed with a couch function. Because of this basic necessity, we decided that a couch is an absolute must. But at the same time it would have to be designed efficiently and able to be as compact as possible so as to save on space. For this to be possible we decided on a mattress that is incredibly comfortable for a nights sleep and foldable for normal day activities. And the simple sleeping “strandkorb” became a sleeping beach chair 2.0, a smart outdoor spot for day and night. A special room for our special moments outside. 

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