From the idea to liv.be

Our designers created liv.be so as to provide a very special experience for you. They wanted everything to be perfect. Getting from the original idea to the finished liv.be was a long road with a number of challenges along the way. An attractive design, a high feel-good factor, outstanding quality in all the materials, practical storage facilities and ease of use were just some of the criteria that guided us in its development.

In the end, we succeeded in producing something that meets every requirement, and in some cases, even exceeds them. liv.be blends sensible innovation with state-of-the-art design, combines extreme durability and longevity with sustainable manufacturing, and creates a space that will make you happy for a night, or for a long time. We are a little bit proud of that




Many of the possibilities offered by liv.be may not be apparent at first glance. It has been designed and crafted in such a way that will continue to surprise you and positively excite you. It might be the charming design that could thrill you, or possibly the virtually indestructible materials that will give you the confidence that your liv.be will be with you for a very long time. Carefully thought-out functions when using liv.be make every stay a comfortable experience.



Closed, half-open or panoramic view in 3 simple steps

Double bed

Alone or with company – the bed is a comfortable size


Enough room for snacks, drinks, a board game or your favourite book

Storage space

liv.be has plenty of places for storing your belongings

Cleaning and care

All liv.be materials are easy to clean and maintain


3 windows give you a good view even when the folding roof is closed



Poly-rattan not only looks good; it is also extremely weatherproof


The classic outdoor wood from sustainably managed forests


Stylish and elegant – aluminium is the latest trend in materials

Accessories that protect your investment

Standard protective cover

This cover offers the best protection against wind and weather while not in use or in the off season

Cover specially designed for windy or snowy regions (folding roof stored separately)


With liv.be, outstanding quality means high-end in all areas. We have made no compromises in our choice of materials. Nor have we lacked in dedication in terms of workmanship, which is inspired by yacht construction.

liv.be consists of the best and most functional components of our time. Whether the teak, made from sustainably managed forests, 316 V4a stainless steel or original TUVATEX textiles for all the fabrics used in the liv.be,have competition matched to their quality. The multiple powder coating of the metal parts that make up the aluminium frame is robust and demonstrates the attention we pay to the smallest detail, also in terms of durability.



Cover made of TUVATEX®, 100 % solution-dyed acrylic, Agora Panama Grafito, 280 g/m²


High-quality teak from SVLK-certified expert suppliers in Indonesia


Visually extremely attractive, extra robust and highly durable 316 V4a stainless steel


Modelled on yacht building

The craftsmanship is inspired by robust boats that travel troubled water.

Professional quality

All materials are of the very highest quality, and the workmanship too


The teak that originates from sustainably managed forests guarantees an extreme long life and is good for the environment.


liv.be®– Product warranty:

We are very serious about quality and workmanship. So in addition to the statutory warranty of 2 years, we grant a further 3 years’ warranty on the frame (i.e. a total of 5 years) and an additional 1-year warranty on the roof (i.e. a total of 3 years).


livbe | Erlebnisübernachtungen auf dem Campingplatz

Camping vacation

Camping is already such an adventure; stepping out of your daily life and into a completely new one. Exchanging the comfortable home for a small space


Smart professional quality: 2-part structure


Designed and developed in Germany in cooperation with design for human nature.