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Adventure of the outdoors

We want to be outside much more often. Feeling the elements, taking a deep breath, clearing our mind. Just having a few moments to ourselves, out in nature. Wouldn’t it be great to have a place to retreat to, one with a solid base that provides protection from the wind and weather? One you can flexibly adapt to the weather conditions and your mood? That offers plenty of space for you and those you are with? Or that you can enjoy all on your own? is that place – and so much more. is your island in the tempests of everyday life. It is located where people come for rest and regeneration. It creates a personal space in public, provides snug comfort and protects you from the elements.

Comfort inside

Relax, chill or unwind. Call it what you want – makes it possible. Make yourself at home and enjoy maximum comfort. Sit on its comfy cushions to read or enjoy drinks with your friends. You’re tired? Then “stretch out” and snuggle down on the comfortable sleeping mat. Film on the interior functions:

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Flexible hood

Enjoy the view or protect yourself from the sun as it sets – without losing sight of your surroundings. The hood can easily be adjusted to different positions, adapting perfectly to your wishes. It will shield you from the wind and from pattering rain, or from unwelcome looks.
Despite the privacy it affords you, the large window allows you to look outside whenever you like. Film about the hood function:

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be cozy

When darkness falls, unfolds its unique function as a “beach sleeping chair”. Simply fold open the sleeping mat, spread out your blankets and pillows and snuggle in. With its sturdy construction, offers you everything you need for a safe night outdoors. It protects you and keeps you safe at night. You want to see the stars? Look through the skylight or fold back the hood to gaze into the starry skies. You want a private moment or simply protection from the wind and weather? Close the hood in a few simple steps and be all alone in the middle of nature.

Our designers have done a good job. Being made from top-quality materials used in yacht building with outstanding workmanship, is durable, weatherproof and long-lasting. Stainless steel combined with teak from sustainably managed forests give it an elegance reminiscent of classic motor yachts.

The inside lining is handmade using easy-to-maintain outdoor fabrics. It gives protection from draughts and creepy-crawlies, and can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth. The Velcro fastener allows it to be simply removed for washing.

The design of the hood is taken from yacht building and protects you against cold, the weather and prying eyes. The folding roof can easily be pulled apart, pushed together and locked in 5 different positions. The window at the front offers the best view – even with the hood closed – and can be closed with roller blinds.

Technical details and comprehensive information
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be owner

Using is relaxing. But actually owning it is really exciting, and perhaps even comes with a hint of luxury. If you want to create a cosy place for yourself, an oasis in the hustle and bustle of the world, here’s the best way of going about it.

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Camping vacation

Camping is already such an adventure; stepping out of your daily life and into a completely new one. Exchanging the comfortable home for a small space